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Advanced ExtendSim Training

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Advanced ExtendSim Training • Database Techniques & Programming in ExtendSim

Master some of ExtendSim’s most powerful capabilities:

  • Gain advanced skills with the ExtendSim internal database
  • Learn how to maximize usage of equation-based blocks
  • Create custom components in the ExtendSim development environment

Using hands-on exercises, you will not only learn how to navigate ExtendSim internal relational databases, but how to structure a database in your own model. Plus, pick up techniques to use the database to develop really advanced constructs you NEVER knew were possible.

Learn how to wake up your blocks through the databases’ Link Alerts feature, plus configure compiled logical statements as you get in-depth into the programming of equation-based blocks.

In addition, this course covers the common uses and features of the ExtendSim programming language (ModL), as well as the mechanics of block creation. You’ll start by building a simple ExtendSim block and storing it in a library. Then, as you delve deeper into the development environment, you’ll add more features to your custom block.

Note: If paying with a company purchase order, please register for this course on the Imagine That Inc. Training Registration site, then submit your PO to

In-Person Advanced ExtendSim Training Workshop

In-Person Advanced TrainingThe In-Person Advanced ExtendSim course is a 4.5-day hands-on workshop. Courses are held at various locations in the US a few times each year.

Download the complete agenda for In-Person Advanced ExtendSim Training here.

Note: In-Person Advanced ExtendSim courses are on hold.

Online Instructor-Led Advanced Course

The Online Advanced Training course covers the same content as the 4.5-day In-Person Advanced course, but in an online instructor-led class through GoToMeeting™.

The online course consists of six 2 hour sessions over 2 weeks - on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Online Essential ExtendSim TrainingEach session has a start time of 3pm EDT/UTC-4 each session. Download the complete agenda for the Online Advanced ExtendSim Training here.

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for Engineers, Managers, System Analysts, and anyone else anyone else who wants to learn how to manage data and maximize the usage of databases in ExtendSim and how to create custom components and features in ExtendSim.


Essential ExtendSim Training, or, on instructor approval, a comparable proficiency. It will also be beneficial to be comfortable with the database concept and be familiar with programming concepts and terminology (C++ recommended).

Included with the Course
  • Laptop computer with ExtendSim installed on it for each attendee's use (In-Person course only).
  • Course manual with case studies.
  • Solution files for all course-based case studies and exercises.
  • Book of additional case studies with solutions for post-course practice.
  • Certificate of Completion.

Plus, if you have a few more questions within the first year after completing this course, you qualify for a free online coaching session from your trainer.

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