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Per-Incident Support

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ExtendSim Support may be purchased Per-Incident if your ExtendSim license isn't covered by a Maintenance & Support Plan (in the case of ExtendSim Student or Analysis RunTime) or you have allowed your MSP to expire. Per-Incident Support allows you to receive technical support for basic usage and troubleshooting questions such as:

  • Assistance for software download, installation, and setup.
  • General guidance regarding ExtendSim features and usage.
  • Referrals to example models and documentation to explain concepts and features.
  • Simple sample models on a limited basis.
  • Answering questions related to documentation or example models.
  • An overview of methods to achieve efficient and optimal model performance.
  • Basic assistance in troubleshooting unexpected model behavior.

Support is $100 per incident or stock up and buy in a convenient 5-pack and save $100! 

Note: An Incident is a discussion and resolution of one issue. Though you can purchase assistance for support questions on an individual basis, the only way to get upgrades, updates, and replacement or updated Activation Keys is through the standard Maintenance & Support Plan. Hence, it is important to maintain the Support Plan for your software.

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