License Agreements

Single User

A Single User license allows one person to use ExtendSim on their computer. The user is also granted the right to install ExtendSim on their laptop or home computer, provided the computers are not used simultaneously.

Download PDF fileDownload Single User License Agreement

Floating (Concurrent User)

A Floating, Concurrent User License allows you to install ExtendSim on any number of computers, but limits the number of concurrent users to the specified maximum. A single central server must be used as the License Server. License Manager software is installed on the Server, is TCP/IP based, and runs as a service. The Analysis RunTime, Student, and Demo versions of ExtendSim are not available as Floating Licenses.

As these are custom-built licenses, Floating Licenses are not available for purchase through the ExtendSim Store. Please contact Imagine That Inc.

Download PDF fileDownload Floating License Agreement

Using ExtendSim Over the Internet

Neither Node-Locked nor Floating Licenses of ExtendSim may be used over the internet. Only the ExtendSim ASP license gives the licensee the right to access (or in the case of service providers, to provide access to) the full functionality of ExtendSim over an intranet or the internet. The ExtendSim ASP license is typically used in combination with a front end interface (wrapper environment) using a COM interface to send data to ExtendSim, run a model, and retrieve results. It accesses the functionality of ExtendSim while presenting end users with a standardized front end, across multiple models, for data entry and the reporting of results. The combination of an ExtendSim ASP license with a wrapper environment has the advantages of remote access via the web, centralized feature updating, and lower learning curves for non-modelers. Note: The licensee is responsible for developing any wrapper environment or front end interface.

Please contact Imagine That Inc. for pricing and licensing information about using ExtendSim on the internet.