ExtendSim Student 10
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ExtendSim Student 10

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Limited version of ExtendSim Pro 10 for student use.

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Note: If your university is an ExtendSim Adopter and/or has an Academic Floating license of ExtendSim on campus, please be sure you download the correct release of ExtendSim Student. ExtendSim 10 is the most current release and has now been transtitioned into use by most schools. However, some universities are still using ExtendSim 9. Please check with your professor if you are unsure which release you should be using.

ExtendSim Student is designed for students building models for classwork. It allows students to:

Build and save small (75 blocks or less) models for classwork.

Interactively run those models and other small models, change settings, view animation, and save simulation results.

Utilize advanced ExtendSim technology such as Optimization, the Scenario Manager, built-in databases, ability to build custom blocks, etc.

Use scripting to build or change small models and to move blocks on a worksheet.

Print model worksheets, block dialogs, and so forth.

Interactively run larger models in Player RunTime mode, change settings, view animation and see results (but you won't be able to save or print results of larger models).

However, there are some limitations:

The models you build are limited to a maximum of 75 blocks.

ExtendSim Student opens all models with an "ExtendSim Student" watermark on the model worksheet. Models created in ExtendSim Student will maintain that watermark when opened in other ExtendSim licenses.

Scripting cannot be used to run models remotely.

This version is licensed only for your personal use on a single computer.

The Student version may not be used for commercial purposes, including consulting or research that is subsidized by a private or government enterprise.

There is no upgrade path and technical support is limited to installation questions.

Models built and saved in a Trial version of ExtendSim cannot be opened in ExtendSim Student. ExtendSim Student can only open models built in an activated Model Developer Edition license or from another Student version.

Installing ExtendSim Student

Once you’ve completed your purchase of ExtendSim Student, your invoice will contain 2 items:

• Link to download the ExtendSim Student installer

• A PIN with your Activation Key

Download the Student installer and follow its instructions to install ExtendSim Student.

Activating ExtendSim Student

When you launch ExtendSim Student, an Activation dialog appears with two options:

Purchase. Selecting this will take you back here - to the ExtendSim Store.

Activate. Select this button to Activate ExtendSim Student. After completing this purchase, enter the Activation Key from your invoice and other required information into the entry fields. Your Student license will automatically be activated and tied to the computer upon which the activation is performed...as long as you have an internet connection on that machine. If you don't have internet access, ExtendSim will offer alternatives for activating your license. For complete details on activating ExtendSim Student, visit Installing & Activating an ExtendSim 10 Individual License.

System Requirements

These system requirements for ExtendSim apply to Trial, Individual, Academic, Floating, Node-Locked, RunTime, and Student licenses. ASP and OEM license requirements are unique to their intended usage.

Computer and Processor Since simulation is processor-intensive, we recommend that your computer have a powerful central processing unit (CPU). The processor should be as fast as possible and it must be 64-bit.

ExtendSim 10 is multi-threaded and takes advantage of multiple cores when running multiple models at the same time. However, when running a single model (even running it multiple times), it is more important to have cores with a faster processing speed rather than simply having more cores.
Operating System Requirements Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, or Windows Server 2008 R2.

ExtendSim 10 requires the 64-bit version of whichever operating system you are using.

NOTE: for Windows OS versions prior to 8.1, text in dialogs may overlap if you use anything other than 100% for the display’s Scale and Layout.
Memory 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space 500 MB
Internet Access A connection to the internet is required for automated product activation.

Note: If your computer has no access to the internet or your system blocks ExtendSim from receiving data from the internet, product activation can be accomplished manually.
Browser A current version of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox is required for product updates.
Compatibility Requirements If you connect to JMP or Minitab using the Scenario Manager block or exchange data with ODBC or ADO databases such as Access using the Data Import Export block, those applications as well as the application drivers used to exchange data with the ExtendSim blocks must be 64-bit compatible. This also applies to any custom blocks that connect to external applications using an OLE/COM DLL.

  Any DLL's or Shared Libraries called by ExtendSim must be built for 64-bit execution.