ExtendSim 9 • Student
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ExtendSim 9 • Student

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Limited version of ExtendSim Suite 9 (prior release software) for a student use in the classroom.

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Note: This download of ExtendSim Student 9 is a previous release of ExtendSim. Before purchasing, be sure your coursework requires you to use ExtendSim Student 9, the prior release. The current version of ExtendSim Student is release 10. Please check with your professor to confirm which release is being used if you are unsure which you should be using.

This version of ExtendSim is designed for students building models for classwork. It allows students to:

  • Build and save small (75 blocks or less) models for a limited time (180 days).
  • Run larger models, change parameters, view simulation results, and save the changes.
  • Print model worksheet, block dialogs, and so forth.

However, there are some limitations:

  • The models you build are limited to a maximum of 75 blocks.
  • The model-building capability expires 180 days after installation. (Note: model-running capability does not expire.)
  • You may not use scripting or ActiveX automation to run or construct a model
  • This version is licensed only for your personal use on a single computer.
  • The Student version may not be used for commercial purposes, including consulting or research that is subsidized by a private or government enterprise.
  • There is no upgrade path and technical support is limited to installation questions.
  • Models built and saved in a Trial version of ExtendSim cannot be opened in ExtendSim Student. ExtendSim Student can only open models built in an activated Model Developer Edition license or from another Student version.


See the ExtendSim License Agreement for complete terms.


Discounts for students and educators are available. (Contact Imagine That Inc. to see if you qualify.)

After purchase, you will receive an email with the download link and ExtendSim serial number. The download link will expire after 1 year or 5 download attempts so please make a back up copy of the installer file you download.

System Requirements for ExtendSim 9

  Windows Macintosh
Central Processing Unit Since simulation is processor-intensive, we recommend that your computer have a powerful central processing unit (CPU). Furthermore, as release 9 does not support multiple processors, fewer cores with faster processing speeds will execute simulations faster than more cores.
Operating System Requirements Windows: Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 Macintosh: OS X 10.4 to 10.6 only
Note: Release 9 and earlier ExtendSim releases do not run on current Mac OS 10.7 or greater. For more details, see ExtendSim FAQs.
Processor Pentium 4 or better processor Power PC (native) or Intel processor
Hard Disk Space 300 MB
(400 MB for ExtendSim Suite)
300 MB
RAM 512 MB; 2 GB RAM recommended 512 MB; 2 GB RAM recommended
Additional requirements For ExtendSim Suite add 100 MB hard disk space and a 3D hardware accelerator card with at least 64 MB RAM A browser to view the Help

* ExtendSim 9 for Macintosh will NOT run on current Macintosh operating systems OS X 10.7+. If you are using a Macintosh with OS X 10.7 or newer, use the Windows version of ExtendSim running in Parallels or BootCamp. See ExtendSim FAQs for more details.