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ExtendSim DE 10 • Individual License

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ExtendSim DE adds a comprehensive, message-based discrete event architecture and capabilities to ExtendSim CP.

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Discrete Event

ExtendSim DEThe essential tool for researching operational performance, ExtendSim DE is an integral part of Lean, Six Sigma, risk and throughput analysis, business reengineering, and capacity planning projects. Uniquely identify, track, and analyze the behavior of physical or logical entities when events cause them to change state or move through the system. Predict the behavior of complex and large-scale systems, explore the effects of variations, facilitate the management of resources, and optimize operations. Insure that the functioning of existing systems is well understood and that the design of new systems and processes is efficient and beneficial.

DE Capabilities

ExtendSim DE is a Model Developer Edition in which you can create and build models and interfaces, change values and settings, run simulations and animations, perform experiments, do analysis and optimization, save and export results.

Comprehensive message-based discrete event architecture for intuitive modeling of any system where time advances when events occur and tracking of model entities is important.

Includes pre-built discrete event blocks to represent item generation, queues, activities and delays, shutdown and shift, and more.

Advanced features such as priorities, preemption, reneging, jockeying, blocking, and balking.

Customizable attributes and rule-based routing.

Batch and unbatch items for processing and specify item properties.

Warm-up periods with statistical clearing, item logging, history, etc.

Statistical analysis with confidence intervals.

Shifts for controlling resources and activities.

Resource pools for optimizing constraints.

Customizable queuing algorithms.

Advanced Resource Management (ARM) - a comprehensive system for systematically dealing with multiple types of resources and complex resource requirements in simulation models.

Query Equation capability intelligently ranks the records in an ExtendSim database table and, based on a ranking rule, selects one record. It is indispensable when a database holds information that is required for making decisions in a model. For example, use this sophisticated tool to search a database table for the best record.

Mixed-Modeling capability - Discrete Event, Continuous Process, Monte Carlo, Agent Based, and State/Action modeling.

Plus all the core features from ExtendSim CP - databases, cloning, data linking, hierarchy, interactivity, Scenario Manager, Optimizer, and so forth.

Please visit the ExtendSim site for more details on ExtendSim DE.


Note: If you require the ability to model discrete rate entities or would like to add reliability block diagramming components to ExtendSim, please consider ExtendSim Pro.

Maintenance and Support Plan

Your purchase of ExtendSim DE includes a Maintenance and Support Plan (MSP). Your first year's payment of $699 is included in your purchase!

Installing & Activating an ExtendSim DE Individual License

Once you’ve completed your purchase, your invoice will contain:

Links to download:

ExtendSim DE installer for an Individual License
Installation Instructions
Frequently Asked Questions for the installation process

A PIN with your Activation Key

If you’ve already been using the Trial version of ExtendSim DE, simply enter the invoice's Activation Key in the activation dialog when you launch ExtendSim. All models and blocks you created during the Trial period will be maintained in the activated license.

If you have not installed the Trial version of ExtendSim DE, download the ExtendSim installer from the link on your invoice. Launch the installer file by double-clicking it. Then use its automated software installer following the on-screen instructions to install ExtendSim.

Be sure to follow the comprehensive installation instructions in the Installing & Activating • Individual Licenses document. If you encounter issues while installing, see "Issues When Installing, Launching, or Opening ExtendSim Files" in the document Frequently Asked Questions • Individual Licenses.

Maintenance and Support Plan

The first year of the annual Maintenance and Support Plan (MSP) is included with your purchase of ExtendSim DE. That's an $699 value!

As long as the MSP is kept current, you can:

Get help with installation issues, basic usage questions, and troubleshooting of the ExtendSim application.

Download free ExtendSim minor release updates.

Download free ExtendSim major release upgrades.

Move your ExtendSim license from one device to another (if allowed by the EULA).

Obtain replacement or updated Activation Keys.

Experience, evaluate, and influence future products and features.

For the benefits to continue in subsequent years, the MSP must be renewed by the anniversary of ExtendSim DE 10 license activation or other pre-determined date.

Please visit Maintenance & Support Plan on the ExtendSim site for complete details.

System Requirements

These system requirements for ExtendSim apply to Trial, Individual, Academic, Floating, Node-Locked, RunTime, and Student licenses. ASP and OEM license requirements are unique to their intended usage.

Computer and Processor Since simulation is processor-intensive, we recommend that your computer have a powerful central processing unit (CPU). The processor should be as fast as possible and it must be 64-bit.

ExtendSim 10 is multi-threaded and takes advantage of multiple cores when running multiple models at the same time. However, when running a single model (even running it multiple times), it is more important to have cores with a faster processing speed rather than simply having more cores.
Operating System Requirements Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, or Windows Server 2008 R2.

ExtendSim 10 requires the 64-bit version of whichever operating system you are using.

NOTE: for Windows OS versions prior to 8.1, text in dialogs may overlap if you use anything other than 100% for the display’s Scale and Layout.
Memory 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space 500 MB
Internet Access A connection to the internet is required for automated product activation.

Note: If your computer has no access to the internet or your system blocks ExtendSim from receiving data from the internet, product activation can be accomplished manually.
Browser A current version of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox is required for product updates.
Compatibility Requirements If you connect to JMP or Minitab using the Scenario Manager block or exchange data with ODBC or ADO databases such as Access using the Data Import Export block, those applications as well as the application drivers used to exchange data with the ExtendSim blocks must be 64-bit compatible. This also applies to any custom blocks that connect to external applications using an OLE/COM DLL.

  Any DLL's or Shared Libraries called by ExtendSim must be built for 64-bit execution.


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