ExtendSim CP 9
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ExtendSim CP 9

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This is a prior release of ExtendSim! Use only if your colleagues are still using ExtendSim 9 or you need to maintain your model in ExtendSim 9.

Note: There is no Maintenance & Support Plan for legacy products. If you need assistance with ExtendSim 9, you will need to purchase support on a Per-Incident basis.

After purchasing ExtendSim CP 9, you will be required to pay the full upgrade cost of $399 when you are ready to upgrade to ExtendSim CP 10.

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ExtendSim CP is our base product and the cornerstone of the ExtendSim family of simulation tools. It has a set of core features that are included in all ExtendSim products, plus specialized constructs for modeling continuous processes. For modeling discrete event processes, please consider ExtendSim AT or ExtendSim Suite.

Use ExtendSim CP to model the behavior of any process where time or values are recalculated at each periodic step. The package includes a Value library of components for performing continuous modeling tasks. For custom applications, the internal development environment allows you to create fully integrated, custom components to fit any need.

  • Graphical simulation package for general purpose continuous modeling
  • Drag and drop user interface
  • Ability to create new modeling blocks, modify existing blocks, and store both in libraries for later reuse (open source code)
  • Graphical internal relational databases to store, manage, and report data for complex models
  • Dynamic data linking from parameters and data tables to internal and external sources
  • Hierarchical modeling for unlimited levels of submodels
  • Navigator for jumping through model structure
  • Interactive dialogs, controls, alerts, and user prompts, even during the simulation run
  • Customizable 2D animation
  • Authoring environment for creating custom user interfaces
  • Monte Carlo, Agent Based, and State/Action modeling
  • Built-in Optimizer for determining the optimum values for parameters
  • ActiveX controls and embedded COM objects
  • Development environment optimized for simulation, with over 1,000 built-in functions


System Requirements for ExtendSim 9

  Windows Macintosh
Central Processing Unit Since simulation is processor-intensive, we recommend that your computer have a powerful central processing unit (CPU). Furthermore, as release 9 does not support multiple processors, fewer cores with faster processing speeds will execute simulations faster than more cores.
Operating System Requirements Windows: Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 Macintosh: OS X 10.4 to 10.6 only
Note: Release 9 and earlier ExtendSim releases do not run on current Mac OS 10.7 or greater. For more details, see ExtendSim FAQs.
Processor Pentium 4 or better processor Power PC (native) or Intel processor
Hard Disk Space 300 MB
(400 MB for ExtendSim Suite)
300 MB
RAM 512 MB; 2 GB RAM recommended 512 MB; 2 GB RAM recommended
Additional requirements For ExtendSim Suite add 100 MB hard disk space and a 3D hardware accelerator card with at least 64 MB RAM A browser to view the Help

* ExtendSim 9 for Macintosh will NOT run on current Macintosh operating systems OS X 10.7+. If you are using a Macintosh with OS X 10.7 or newer, use the Windows version of ExtendSim running in Parallels or BootCamp. See ExtendSim FAQs for more details.

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