What types of payments are accepted in this store?

This store accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card. For purchase orders and wire transfers, please contact Imagine That Inc.

My credit card was declined. What do I do?

If your payment method has been declined, please do one of the following:

• Confirm the credit card number, expiration date, credit card code, billing address, and phone number were entered correctly in Your Account. Note: The billing address must match the address the credit card is billed to.

• Contact your bank. Note: Check with your bank about adjusting daily withdrawal or purchase limits. Payment declines may be due to limits set by your bank.

If neither of these options work, please try another credit card. Imagine That Inc. cannot resolve issues with declined credit cards as the credit cards are processed by Authorize.net.

Note: Declined cards do not result in the credit card being charged, but may result in a pending charge reserve. This happens because banks often reserve that amount in anticipation of the charge going through. The void notification is immediately sent, but it may take a few business days for your bank to remove a pending charge.

Where do I enter my coupon code?

In the Shopping Cart, click “Have a discount coupon?” on the bottom right. Enter your coupon code in the box, then click Redeem. Your order total will drop to indicating coupon acceptance! Go to Checkout to finalize your order

Can I renew my annual Maintenance Plan for ExtendSim through the online store?

Absolutely! In the Support category, choose Maintenance Plan, then select your ExtendSim package. Under the Maintenance Status drop down, choose "Renewing Maintenance". Please be sure to update your contact information and provide your 11-digit ExtendSim serial number.

In addition to receiving a download link for ExtendSim, may I also request a CD be mailed to me with the software?

Absolutely! When placing your order, choose "Physical product + Download" in the Delivery Options drop down box. You will be charged a shipping fee for the package.

When I go to Checkout, I do not see my country listed. How can I purchase ExtendSim?

This Store does not sell to countries serviced by an ExtendSim Distributor. For the following countries, contact your local ExtendSim distributor to order ExtendSim software: Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden.

Can I get a trial version of ExtendSim?

Of course! Download the ExtendSim Demo at no charge. It will allow you to build (although not save) dynamic models and explore ExtendSim capabilities with pre-built models. Plus, you can use it as a Player to view models built by other ExtendSim users. Download it for free at www.SimulationDemo.com.

Do you accept returns?

Downloaded software cannot be returned. A license code is provided, but no physical product is shipped so there is nothing to be returned. ExtendSim may be evaluated at no charge before purchase with the ExtendSim Demo, a trial version of ExtendSim.